Mandarin Clubs and Classes

Our objective is to improve students’ overall command of Mandarin by focusing on their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, increasing their Mandarin language sense and encouraging their appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture. We uniquely combine Chinese and Western teaching techniques, practising interactive, integrated and interchangeable methods that are appropriate for students’ needs.

Mandarin Clubs at Montessori Schools serve as an introduction to Chinese language for students whose spoken language isn't Chinese. We keep in mind that each child’s ability to absorb new knowledge is different. Our actual teaching and learning experience is designed to be seamless and fun. We want to provide our students a good introduction to Mandarin and a fun experience so that if they decide to pursue the learning further, they will feel confident and positive.

After-school Mandarin Lessons are designed for students whose primary language at home is Mandarin. We have beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes where the small size allows teachers to give more individual attention to students.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons for adult students are tailored for individual needs. We are happy to arrange private and semi-private lessons at your convenience. Our lesson topics are Daily Conversations, Mandarin for Travelling, Mandarin for Business and Mandarin for Offices.

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