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XiaoMing Chen:XiaoMing holds a B.A. from FuZhou University in China. She is a person with compassion and patience, she loves teaching Chinese and focuses on early education for young children. She has nine years’ experience teaching in Toronto and Oakville in the field of early education in Mandarin, Mandarin private tutoring and Chinese summer camps. XiaoMing holds administrative management and teaching positions at Burlington Chinese School.

Hua Lin: Hua holds a B.A. Business Economics from Leicester University in the UK and a Master’s degree in Economics from Carleton University in Canada. She has 15 years experiences in the field of personal and private banking with HSBC and Citi Bank in the UK and Canada. Hua is a strong promoter of Chinese culture and cultural exchange. She enjoys the role of assisting teachers with communication and administrative matters. Hua currently is a board member of Oakville Galleries.

QianYi Yang:QianYi holds a B.A. from HuNan University in China and B.Sc. from Queen's University in Canada. She also studied Japanese at Tokyo University. QianYi loves and enjoys teaching Mandarin, has extensive knowledge of Chinese literature and history and is an expert in Chinese calligraphy. She is fluent in English and has excellent communication skills. QianYi taught at Universities in China and has been teaching at Burlington Chinese School over the past 10 years. She also has five years’ experience in early education. Her enriched teaching experiences have allowed her to developed unique teaching techniques.

Dongxia Mu: Dongxia holds a B.Sc and M.Sc from Harbin Institute of Technology in Harbin, China. She also obtained a Business Accounting Diploma from Mohawk College. She has 9 years of experience teaching Mandarin in Canada. Dongxia specializes in teaching Chinese based on the students’ learning style, and therefore focuses on nurturing students’ interests in the subject and inspiring them to have fun while learning. Dongxia is hugely motivated and thinks it’s a rewarding experience to invest in helping students develop a strong passion towards Chinese culture and language.

Betty Wang: Betty holds a B.Sc in Physics from Beijing Normal University and a second degree in English from Beijing Foreign Language University in China. Following a rewarding teaching experience at a Beijing high school, Betty had a successful career as a Marketing Director at one of China's Top 500 Enterprises in Beijing. Betty is also a trainer in Therapy of Physical and Mental Energy, focusing on the development of young people's physical and mental health. She is the author of "The Jump of Life" and a freelance writer for People's Daily Overseas Edition.

Jin Zhou : Jin has a great passion for teaching, a career she had cherished for the past 30 years both in China and overseas. After graduating from Tianjin Normal University, she taught at a university in China for 11 years. Jin continued her teaching career as a Mandarin instructor in Singapore and Canada for more than 20 years with students from various age groups, during which period she also founded her own English-Mandarin translation company and was responsible for national newspaper's international advertisement pages. Jin finds teaching is the most rewarding career and is keen to be the ambassador of Chinese culture.